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latest issue(2016,joint authorship)

India's National Academy of Letters (SAHITYA AKADEMI) Fellowhip 2011 winning prize.


1958, in Nagoya, Japan

CV(Curriculum Vitae)

4.1977 Enterd in Nagoya University.
3.1981 Graduated from the art science Department,school of Literature Nagoya University.
3.1983 Graduated M.A.course at the University of Nagoya graduate school of Literature.
9.1983 Went to abroad to study at University of Pune as a Ministry of education-sponsored students.
3.1986 Completed Ph.D course at the University of Nagoya graduate school of Literature.
9.2007 Obtained a Doctor of Literature at Hanazono University.
9.2011 India's National Academy of Letters (SAHITYA AKADEMI) researcher.

Work history

4.1993-3.1994 Visiting lecturer at Ochanomizu University.
4.1994-3.1998 Visitin lecturer at St.Andrew's University.
4.1996-9.2013 Visitin lecturer at Hanazono University.
4.1997-3.1999 Visiting lecturer at Nara Sangyo University.
4.1998-3.2004 Visiting lecturer at Chukyo University.
4.1999-3.2002 Visiting lecturer at Nagoya University.
4.1999-3.2000 Visitin lecturer at Meijo University
10.1999-3.2000 Visiting lecturer at Aichi University of Education.
3.2000 Dispatch investigator in the Japanese Government Angkor Vat restoration preservation business by the UNESCO fund
10.2001-2004 Hanazono University's International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism resarcher.
10.2001- Visiting lecturer at Aichi Gakuin University.
10.2001- Visiting lecturer at Kyoto University of art and design.
10.2001- Visiting lecturer at Aichi University of the Arts.
4.2004- Tedukayama Gakuin University.
4.2010- lecturer at Toho Gakuin.
4.2013- Visiting lecturer at Kanazawa College of Art.
4.2013-3.2014 Visiting lecturer at Nagoya University of Arts.
4.2013-3.2018 Ryukoku University's "RIBC" Research Institule for Buddhist Culuture Research fellow.
4.2013-3.2015 Visiting lecturer at Chubu University.
4.2014-3.2018 Visiting lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
4.2017-3.2018 The Nakamura Hajime Eastern Institute.(Research Scholar)
The Eastern Academy.(Superintendent(Kansai Branch)Senior Lecturer)
4.2018- Lecturer at Todaiji Kangakuin Academy.
4.2018- Research Center for World Buddhist Cultures Ryukoku University Visiting fellow.


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invited lecture National Academy of Letters (The Delhi headquarters) “Buddhist art between India and Japan,”lecture at Sahitya Akademi, Delhi (India National Academy of Literature) on 22 August, 2012.


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